The objective of the project is to develop a multithreaded application server for PHP, written in PHP. Yes, pure PHP! You think we aren’t serious? Maybe! But we think, in order to enable as many developers in our great community, this will be the one and only way. So with your help we hopefully establish a solution as the standard for enterprise applications in PHP environments.

Beside a blazing fast and rock solid infrastructure, we also provide functionality that you can find in nearly all of the well known frameworks out there. The application server intends NOT to be a framework, but it enables you to write a software without the need to use one of these frameworks. If you start developing your first software you’ll recognize, because PHP lacks of the needed functionality, they provide stuff they should not responsible for. Best example therefor is, that nearly all of them are shipped with a own HTTP foundation library, but it would make much more sense if the infrastructure will provide it and all framweworks can be immplemented against it, imagine reusability frameworks and libraries will gain from that approach!

Give it a try!

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